Ballot Guide

DMCAR Commercial Real Estate Ballot Guide

We fund and campaign hard on issues that matter to the CRE industry. Our leadership is committed to digging into the ballot items, even if you don’t want to. Your ballots arrive in just two weeks. Be ready.

YES on Amendments Y & Z – Successful; Item passed
Y & Z make it so that the voters choose the politicians, instead of the politicians choosing the voters. These will make gerrymandering illegal and allow all voters to be heard, a process that will also bring forth Colorado’s best leaders. CRE says YES to Y & Z.

YES on Proposition 110 – Unsuccessful; Item did not pass

A modest sales tax increase leverages billions in funding for CDOT and local transportation. Well-maintained roadways are critical to economic growth, fighting congestion and accessing the Colorado lifestyle. CRE says YES to 110.

NO on Proposition 112 – Successful; Item did not pass

A ban on oil and gas in disguise, with an estimate loss to the state GDP of $26B annually and more than 147,000 jobs lost. 20% of the office space in our urban core is occupied by the energy sector. CRE says NO to 112.

NO on Amendment 73 – Successful; Item did not pass

A 78% tax increase on small business (read CRE brokers) and a new graduated income tax for Coloradans, all without spending and student outcome accountability. We support well-funded education but this is detrimental to small business. CRE is a No on 73.

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