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Ballot Guide

We fund and campaign hard on issues that matter to the CRE industry. Our leadership is committed to digging into the ballot items, even if you don’t want to. Your ballots arrive soon. Be ready.

Gallagher on the November Ballot; Your Clients and Your Vote – Passed

While DMCAR took a formal position of neutral on Amendment B, we are not sitting this issue out. In July, DMCAR formed a coalition and economic study process that aims to put in place a long-term solution to property tax reform for Colorado. The passage of Amendment B now prevents residential tax assessment rates from decreasing and left commercial rates unchanged. It also triggered a statutory law that freezes current rates of 7.1% for residential and 29% for commercial, though this law can be altered by elected officials at any time. The coalition aims to put in place additional legislation to create more certainty and fairness for commercial real estate rates.

Gray Wolf Reintroduction (DMCAR Opposed)Passed 

Proposition 114 reintroduces the Gray Wolf to designated lands in Colorado. The Colorado agricultural industry is comprised of 14,000 farms that add billions of dollars into our state’s economy. Prop. 114 creates specific threats to the agricultural industry and our rural counterparts. Additionally, proponents did not follow the Colorado Way, or put another way, DMCAR more often supports policies which are forged through the hard work of gaining multiple viewpoints and proposals based in significant research and data. DMCAR was a No on Proposition 114.

Denver 2A; Climate Funding (DMCAR Supported) Passed 

Denver Ballot item 2A increases the Denver sales tax by 2.5 cents on a $10.00 purchase, to raise approximately $40M toward climate goals. DMCAR leadership were tireless in opposing the original proposal, which would have placed the entire financial burden of this fund on the commercial real estate industry. Denver ballot item 2A passed and now creates a system to share the financial burden of this effort and is a compromise DMCAR supported.

Denver 2B; Sales Tax for Homeless (DMCAR Supported) Passed 

Denver Ballot item 2B increases the Denver sales tax by 2.5 cents on a $10.00 purchase, to raise approximately $40M to bolster homeless services across Colorado’s urban core. In recent years, DMCAR led opposition to a proposal to remove the camping ban, which maintains it illegal to permanently camp in public spaces. Our campaign claim was “We Can Do Better”. Funds will increase day shelter capacity, improve mental health support and direct housing for the homeless. DMCAR was a Yes on Denver’s 2B and we are active at the table to determine what the funding should target for immediate service needs.

Denver 2E & 2G; (DMCAR Opposed)Passed 

Denver Ballot items 2E and 2G remove power from the Mayor and give it to City Council. DMCAR believes in a strong Mayor form of government. We are disappointed that 2E now allows City Council to determine Mayoral appointments and 2G allows their interruption in City finances. Prior to passage, appointments were vetted through a citizens committee through which Denver achieved one of the highest bond ratings in the country. This was largely due to the Mayor’s ability to make spending decisions in a crisis. DMCAR will be active with City Council and our lobbying team as 2E and 2G take shape.


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