Denver Commercial Association of Realtors

No matter where you live today, how old (or young) you are or what you do for a living now, we like to talk about commercial real estate and Colorado business. And, we would like to meet you. Chances are that if you clicked on this page, you are looking to create a career or build on one you already have.

DMCAR inspires more than 100 people a year to join the commercial real estate industry or other industries we are connected to through our work. We will meet with you, confidentially, to answer your questions and to share our networks that can help you make decisions about your future. Contact Katie Kruger at for more.

For introductory classes in commercial real estate:

Introduction to Commercial Real Estate presented by Cox Education – Register Here

This course is for individuals interested in entering the commercial real estate field. The course provides an introduction to the fundamentals of commercial real estate, including property types, financials and valuation. It covers the four major property types: multifamily, office, retail and industrial.

Fundamentals of Commercial Real Estate presented by The CE Shop – Register Here

This course will provide a foundation for the more complex aspects of commercial real estate as you gain more experience in the industry.

Executive Certificate in Commercial Real Estate presented by CU Leeds School of Business – Register Here

These three online courses can be taken together or individually – Fundamentals of Commercial Real Estate, Fundamentals of Real Estate Finance for Non-Financial Professionals, Real Estate Law for Non-Lawyers