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Elite Members receive the highest level of policy and infrastructure information, as it relates to the Metro area’s commercial real estate industry. This membership group is comprised of the executive-level experts in our business. Elite members meet year-round for lunch with the DMCAR Board of Directors and to hear from Colorado’s most influential CRE companies and project leads.

Elite Members, are in the know on public policy changes that impact commercial real estate, issues that affect economic development in the Metro area and the inside details on new development projects. In addition to all of the benefits of basic, Elite Members gain access to Denver’s top CRE leaders. These exclusive luncheons deepen relationships with those that shape commercial real estate in Colorado and expand the breadth of experts in your network.

Meetings are held in November, January, March, May, July and September and last approximately one hour. All gatherings are fully catered, with opportunities to network before and after in the adjacent coffee bar. Elite Members receive the year’s schedule along with email reminders for the luncheons from DMCAR staff.

To request Elite Membership, email Katie Kruger at kkruger@dmcar.com.

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