Property Data

DMCAR Property Database (DPD) is powered by Xceligent CDX, a fully researched database platform that provides property listings and non-confirmed lease/sale comparables. DPD CDX is an interactive, process-oriented database application, completely accessible over the Internet. It provides commercial real estate professionals with a single platform where property data can be obtained, researched, and shared.

In addition to high-quality data, DPD CDX provides:

  • A variety of search options to allow in-depth or quick queries
  • Fully customizable reports that provide the amount of information you want
  • A listing update function, which reminds users to maintain data for maximum accuracy
  • Almost 500 fields providing current and historical transaction data
  • Low resolution aerial photographs
  • Broadcast email capability through X-Mail

For more information, contact Xceligent at 1-866-303-2895.

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