Denver Commercial Association of Realtors

Which Membership is Right For You?

Please review the FAQs below to determine which membership category is best for you. Additionally, Kathie Bellas, our Member Service Manager, is ready for additional questions you might have. Contact Kathie at

1.)    Are you the Managing Director of your company?

  1. Yes: You many join either DMCAR or DMCAB
  2. No: Go to the next question.

2.)    Is your Managing Director a DMCAR Member?

  1. Yes: Then, you must also join as a DMCAR Member. Managing Brokers that are REALTOR® Members in DMCAR, are bound by an agreement with the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) that requires all licensees within their company become REALTOR® members as well.
  2. No: You are only eligible for DMCAB membership. Your Managing Broker does not have to be a DMCAB Member in order for you to be eligible to join DMCAB. DMCAR is an office membership, while DMCAB is individual.

3.)    Do you hold a Colorado Real Estate license?

  1. Yes: You will join either DMCAR or DMCAB, based on questions one and two.
  2. No: You will join as an Affiliate Member.

4.)    What is the difference between DMCAR and DMCAB Membership?

  1. DMCAB: DMCAB Membership is an individual membership category. Members receive local benefits such as the Catylist subscriber discount, eligibility in Heavy Hitters, the Colorado Commercial Real Estate Symposium, free Continuing Education credits to meet your real estate license requirements and networking.
  2. DMCAR: DMCAR is an office membership and membership is required for all licensees under a managing broker who is a DMCAR member. Benefits include all those provided at the local level (as noted for DMCAB), as well as, services from the Colorado Association of REALTORS® (CAR) and NAR.

5.)    How can I subscribe to Catylist commercial property database and receive the discount rate?

  • Both DMCAR and DMCAB members are eligible for the $85/mo discounted rate on a Catylist subscriber account.

6.)    How do I become eligible for the Heavy Hitters in Commercial Real Estate awards?

  • Both DMCAR and DMCAB members are eligible for the Heavy Hitter awards. Membership applications can be submitted along with competition applications in early January.

7.)    Is my membership recognized by RE Colorado, the residential MLS?

  • Only membership in DMCAR provides you with eligibility for a discounted rate on the residential real estate MLS through RE Colorado. DMCAB membership does not qualify.

8.)    Is there a weekly membership meeting?

  • The Association does not host an ongoing weekly gathering or hold committee meetings per many older 501c6 bylaw models. DMCAR strives to hire and maintain the highest level of professional service through the full-time staff and utilizes Task Force groups comprised of top leadership for ongoing strategic direction. Members looking to connect are encouraged to remain engaged through the ongoing programs, classes and after hours events.

If you’d like to learn more about our services and the organization of the Association, view our member orientation presentation.

What is DMCAR?

What is DMCAB?

What is DMCAR?

What is DMCAB?