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CTM E-Contracts

Through exclusive partnership with CTM Software, DMCAR and DMCAB members receive discounts on new and existing subscriptions to some of the highest quality online electronic transaction software tools.

CTMeContracts which includes the PDF Signature Technology:  SmarteContracts assist with your commercial transactions and have been selected for excellence and significant paperless, tracking and customization values, including their save time features, focus on continued enhancements, excellent customer support 7 days a week and comprehensive training.

Promotional details:

  • DMCAR or DMCAB members that become a new subscriber to CTM will pay $258, which saves $102, during the first year.
  • Anytime during the first 30 days, a broker can decide to cancel their subscription and their credit card will be refunded.
  • After this first year of subscription, DMCAR and DMCAB members continue to save, receiving a $60 discount at each annual renewal. The rate is $300 if paid in full or a subscriber can decide to pay in $28 monthly payments.
  • And, new members with existing subscriptions also receive the $60 discount at the time of their next annual renewal.
For CMT questions, classes and Support Desk, contact 303-233-1918 x 1 or

Learn more about the key advantages of CTM Software below:


CTM eContracts

Key Enhancements include:

Electronic Signature

Document Management and Storage

Order Title / O&E Electronically

Create/Template Specific Company/Industry Contracts

eCalendar Deadline Tracking Management

Complete Documents Online for Sellers & Buyers

Integration between CTMeContracts Users Saves Time

Client Database

Access for Team Member & Transaction Coordinator

Clause Library, Email Library & Custom Addendums

Auto Dating Deadlines

Instantly Copy/Duplicate Commission Contracts

Display Contract Deadlines using Outlook Plug-In, Google Calendar and iCal

Smart eContracts

This new product/enhancement is incorporated in CTMeContracts which allows you to create your own library of interactive documents.

You can upload your own writable PDF Commercial Contract and it will automatically read all of the fields/boxes.

Key Enhancements include:

Writable PDFs: Read and display all writable fields/boxes, saving you time from entering the data over and over again

Add Custom Fields: Text Box, Check Box, Radio Button, Strikethrough, Strikethrough Area, Signature, Initials, Date, Add Pages

Contract Versions: Documents that are Unlocked are automatically saved and available for future reference.

Contract Templates: Create your own template library and create contracts from the library, and share them with other agents or the entire company as office manager.

Add Pages: Easily add additional pages to any document. You can add any of the designated Custom Fields for completion of the document.

Auto Sizing: When text is entered into a field, occasionally the contract will not have enough space designated for the amount of text. With the new Smart eContracts fields, you can have that text automatically re-size to fit the area on the document.

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