Mediation Services

The Denver Metro Commercial Association of REALTORS® (DMCAR) has an agreement with the Denver Bar Association’s Volunteer Court Mediation Program to provide cost-effective and professional mediation services to buyers and sellers of real estate. We are proud to offer this service and feel it will benefit brokers as well as their clients by resolving disputes quickly and inexpensively. All fees for this program are paid by the buyer and seller. Payments benefit the Denver Bar Association’s Volunteer Court Mediation Project. So, using mediation will also support that much needed and highly regarded program. Here’s how it works:

How can I access the Denver Bar Association mediation program?
Contact Jacquie Wolff at DMCAR: 303.953.4736 or

What then?
Be prepared to provide names, addresses and phone numbers for the parties who have chosen to participate in mediation. The mediator will promptly contact all the parties and arrange for a convenient time for the mediation to take place. Mediations are held at the Denver City and County Building, 1437 Bannock St., Room 167; Denver, CO 80202. The cost is $100 per party, for up to two hours of mediation. Fees payable to the Court Mediation Services, Colorado Bar Association. This fee includes all preparation and intake time and is not refundable. If the mediation takes more than three hours, the parties and mediator will agree upon the applicable rate for any additional time.

When should I recommend this mediation program to my clients?
For any dispute with a dollar value under $15,000 where relationship, time, stress and reputation are worth saving.

What is mediation?

Mediation is a form of facilitated negotiation in which an impartial third party attempts to help disputing parties reach a mutually-satisfactory solution to their problems.

What are the advantages of mediation?

  1. A mediator enables the parties to determine promptly whether there is a reasonable possibility of settling a dispute.
  2. Mediation saves time.
  3. Mediation can salvage relationships.
  4. Mediation is consensual and the ultimate solution is in the hands of the parties.
  5. Mediation is confidential.
  6. Mediation costs less than litigation.

Don’t let your clients’ disputes fester.  Deal with them promptly.

Try mediation.  Mediation works!

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